About us

NCG provides a systematic approach for delivering and formulating procurement & supply chain processes & strategy. Maintaining a competitive and sustained supplies is a critical element which leads to optimising costs, giving consistent quality and reliable performance.

The Supply is being constantly developed to meet the needs of our clients:

  • By consolidating and anticipating supply needs
  • Analyzing most effective buying patterns
  • Tracking current market trends and government policies

We have extensive market knowledge through our qualified & experienced team, comprehensive data of consistently performing vendors with focus on various industrial sectors. We always endeavor to keep our clients abreast with latest industry information and networking opportunities relevant to their businesses.

Our services enable clients to optimism their costs & build robust supply chain by:

  •     Improving quality and productivity
  •     Reducing and mitigating procurement & supply chain risks
  •     Ensuring compliance
  •     Increasing speed to market

NCG makes a difference in existing Procurement & Supply chain processes of its customers through its industry wide vast experience and dedicated team of professionals bringing in desired efficiency across supply chain and sourcing process.

We help our clients in providing them best services with committed deliverable’s through our wide network across Supply chain – Upstream and Downstream

Efficient customized processes and strong relationships allows us to deliver the highest quality integrated services. NCG has strategic & operational partners across globe with expertise in particular markets & industry sectors. We aim to develop long-term relationship with our clients based on delivery commitments, trust, transparency and business integrity.

NCG is a registered & approved vendor with United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM)