Vendor development & management

Is it important to efficiently manage your vendor network & reduce your supply risks?

To have consistent quality supplies one has to ensure complete control over all the nodes in Supply chain and vendors / suppliers are the key stakeholders.

It’s important to manage vendors effectively for various reasons:

  • Continuous evaluation of emerging markets
  • Faster product development
  • Managing and mitigating supply risks
  • Increased supplier engagement
  • Manage quality initiatives

Vendor / Supplier Development Services:

These services are structured by NCG for extending its clients with unique opportunity to reduce its new vendor development time & cost. We ensure smooth transition to new vendor through our experienced team & processes.We provide these services through our established model to meet the objective of our customers. The in house developed frameworks for vendor development through our vast experience emphasis on development of alternate vendors who work as partners of their customers not only as Vendors. We provide vendors for products as well as services( like: Logistics, IT, recruitment)

Vendors / Suppliers Evaluation Services:

These services are provided to serve our customers on continuous basis working in tandem with their procurement team for regular monitoring of vendors / suppliers on key factors Quality, Delivery and delivering improvement plans as per the need of the organization.

Product / Commodity Inspection Services:

NCG provides its customer with inspection services through its team ensuring material delivery as per agreed quality, quantity, packing, and as per schedule. On regular services basis we manage production schedules of customers at vendor’s location to avoid unforeseen delays. We also ensure smooth loading & dispatch of material so that there are no damages in transit.

NCG is a registered & approved vendor with United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM)