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Customised Engineering Products

Is it not difficult to get your products manufactured as per your design, demand and cost?

NCG team enjoys the challenge of custom manufacturing jobs from “design to manufacture”. We have team with in-house designing and manufacturing facilities with many years of experience in any metal and any process. We commit to complete the manufacturing projects “on time and on budget.” All our factories have required certifications as per industry requirements.

NCG team works closely with few leading research & engineering institutes having international standard equipment for testing, developing and prototyping which helps in reducing CONCEPT to MARKET time for our clients.

We have the experience, technical skill and enthusiasm to do custom manufacturing projects delivered from best factories in India.

Industry expertise:                                 Product Expertise:

  • Automobiles                                    Sheet Metal- Steel / Aluminium/ Brass/   Copper(all finishes)
  • Construction                                   Aluminium Extrusions – sections / finished components
  • Agriculture                                     Jigs/ fixtures and inspection gauges
  • Appliances                                     Plastic Injection moulded ( PC/ ABS/ HIPS/  PP/Nylon)
  • After market Items                         Machined components
  • Heavy Machinery Items                 Fabrication- PEB structures- low cost housing/ sheds.


It is my pleasure to inform you that NCG is short-listed to be featured in our prestigious ranking, “Top 10 APAC Procurement Solution Providers 2017″ which is a part of our upcoming special edition on Procurement. This issue will also be highlighting the industry trends, experience sharing, and advice about various technology in this space.